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When we use the term ‘influencer,’ we aren’t really talking about traditional celebrities—pop singers, movie stars, professional athletes, etc.

While many celebrities blur the boundaries now by actively posting on their social media pages, we still aren’t inclined to call them influencers.

Influencers across any category can participate in this program. Currently you must have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account to qualify. We look at the number of followers and other engagement metrics of your social media presence.


Not even two decades ago, the concept of the ‘Instagram influencer’ would have been absurd to most. Yet here we are, living in a world where all kinds of people can build a fanbase and make millions by posting content on the internet. Social media platforms present individuals and brands alike powerful businesses and opportunities.

Here to learn how to become a social media influencer?

Welcome to the club! There’s hundreds of thousands of people who have the same aspirations.

If that hasn’t scared you off, we’re here to help.